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"With over 40 years of experience with beauty and
health care products I have not seen a better
performing product than the Urielpure Strengthening
Conditioner and its companion shampoo."
- Steve Edlin
Capital Health Stores
357 New York Ave
Huntington, NY 11743
"I am a film and character actor in an industry where
appearances and first impressions count.  I heard about the
Urielpure products from a fellow actress and decided to try
them.  I tried the Pure Shave and Uriel Conditioner.  I was
very impressed with the results of both products from the very
first use.  The conditioner keeps my hair soft and prevents
breakage that can occur working under very hot and bright
lights.  The Pure Shave helps to keep me clean shaven and
has built in moisturizers that protect my skin against dryness
and prevents irritation from shaving.  My costars enjoy my
super smooth skin and beautiful soft hair."
- Chico S., Jersey City, NJ
Happy Client
"I first used Urielpure Strengthening Conditioner two years
ago and I continue to be impressed with its results.  This is an
excellent product and should be embraced by every woman
that desires strong beautiful hair."
- Christine R., New York, NY, WBLS RADIO
Happy customer with healthy, strong hair
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