Healthy Black Hair
"I am a user of the Urielpure Shampoo and Conditioner for
more than 5 years.  The products are exceptional!  The
shampoo provides my hair with a feeling of complete
cleanliness. After using the conditioner for 30 minutes or more,
my hair is softer and silky.  I previously suffered from
breakage and damage to my hair for a number of years and
from the very first application of the conditioner I saw
improvement.  Today my hair is strong and manageable."
- Trish J., Deer Park, NY
Happy Customer with healthy ethnic hair
"It's been 4 years since I started using Strengthening
Conditioner by Urielpure.  It's been an amazing product for my
hair in the sense that I went from mild damage to a healthy
head of hair.  In the last year I had my first child and as many
first time moms after 6 months after having the baby I started
having hair loss.  I then started using the conditioner with
more frequency and found that the hair loss had stopped.  I
also started using the conditioner on my son whenever his hair
would tangle.  The conditioner was very safe for my son and
also very effective in detangling and conditioning his hair.  
Both my son and I are very satisfied users of the Urielpure
- Peggy B., Tarrytown, NY
User with healthy African American Hair
"Two months ago I fell and injured my knee and the skin
began to keloid.  I had 2 scaly scabs on my right knee.  As a
long time user of the Urielpure conditioner I visited the
Urielpure website and decided to try the skin ointment.  Within
a short amount of time after using the ointment as directed the
dead and scaly skin came off completely and was replaced by
new smooth skin.  I have since not had a reoccurrence of that
skin condition.  I have also used the conditioner for a long
time and it very quickly repaired the minimal damage that I
had and allows my hair to remain healthy.  I would
recommend this product to any woman that desires healthy
beautiful hair."
Sabrina F., Hauppauge, NY
Healthy Dreadlocks
"I only use natural products on my hair and was told about
Best Dreds from a friend of mine.  He gave me some of his to
use and I have been using this product for the last 3 years
and now have the best dreads of my life!  I don't have any
more itching and my scalp and hair are constantly nourished
and moisturized.  Thank you Urielpure!"
- Michael R., Brooklyn, NY
Recommended by New Life Magazine
NEWLIFE Magazine recently
reviewed our Urielpure
Strengthening Conditioner and

"Two thumbs up for
Urielpure Strengthening
Conditioner.  This
Product really delivers!"
"During a bout with psoriasis on the bottom of my feet, with
initial symptoms including a batch of red blisters, I used Uriel
Pure Ointment that night.  In the morning, the skin peeled off
taking the red blisters with it leaving my feet soft and normal.  I
was so impressed that I took the skin to my colleague Dr
Pagano (the famed psoriasis doctor) of the Pagano
Organization where he agreed that the ointment gave excellent
results and found it remarkable."
- Dr. Elyse Curtis, Ph.D, New York, NY
Skin Ointment for dry, chafed skin and psoriasis
"After hearing a lot about the UrielPure Strengthening
Conditioner, I finally bought a bottle on March 26th 2011.
I used the conditioner the same day. I was extremely
impressed with the results. The UrielPure conditioner
completely removed all tangling from my hair and left
my hair super soft and with a natural sheen. I now have
a natural bounce to my hair. This conditioner is
outstanding and I absolutely love it. I recommend this
conditioner to everyone that wants healthy and great
looking hair."
- Janet C., Orange County, California
"I'm very pleased with both the conditioner and
shampoo. Although I didn't see an abnormal amount
of hair shedding when I combed my hair before, now
that I used your products, I see a clean comb when I
comb or brush. I'm seeing good results. My hair is
stronger and growing. Thanks for a great product."
- Susie N., Bronx, NY
Conditioner for healthy and beautiful black, ethnic, African hairtypes
Gentle Shampoo for healthy black, ethnic, African hair
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"As a celebrity author and consultant it is important for me
to look my best at all times.  The Urielpure Products are
essential for this.  The Urielpure Gentle Shampoo
thoroughly and gently cleanses my hair while the Urielpure
Strengthening Conditioner is outstanding at keeping my
hair healthy and camera-worthy.  I have recommended
this conditioner and shampoo to EVERYONE I know."

- LLoyd Strayhorn, New York, NY
Celebrity Numerologist, Author, and Media
Personality        who has appeared on the Katie Couric
Show and the  Oprah Winfrey Show several times
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