About our conditioner
Urielpure Strengthening Conditioner is customized for
ethnic and textured hair.
Strengthening Conditioner contains special proteins and
numerous other natural ingredients that are primarily
found in the composition of hair that is healthy and
strong.  It also contains a natural sunscreen for added
With each application Strengthening Conditioner provides you the opportunity to instantly replace what has
been lacking or removed from your hair as a result of various thermal and chemical processes.
You will be able to see and feel the difference in your hair regardless of its condition from the very first
application of this unique conditioner.
Your results will be dramatic.
Be beautiful. Stay beautiful when breakage disappears.
Strengthening Conditioner is simply healthy hair in a bottle;  We Guarantee it!
Urielpure Strengthening Conditioner is also recommended for ethnic men.
Our conditioner works especially well for black, african, ethnic hairtypes
NEWLIFE Magazine recently
reviewed our Urielpure
Strengthening Conditioner and

"Two thumbs up for
Urielpure Strengthening
Conditioner.  This
Product really delivers!"
Special Online Price: $14.99
Prevents and repairs damage especially for black, African, and ethnic hair types
Our Conditioner helps make healthy and beautiful hair
Healthy and Beautiful Black, African, African American, Ethnic Hair!
The #1 Product
to Prevent Hair
"With over 40 years of
experience with beauty and
health care products I have
not seen a better
performing product than the
Urielpure Strengthening
Conditioner and its
companion shampoo."
- Steve Edlin
Capital Health Stores
357 New York Ave
Huntington, NY 11743
"As a celebrity author and consultant it is important for me
to look my best at all times.  The Urielpure Products are
essential for this.  The Urielpure Gentle Shampoo
thoroughly and gently cleanses my hair while the Urielpure
Strengthening Conditioner is outstanding at keeping my
hair healthy and camera-worthy.  I have recommended
this conditioner and shampoo to EVERYONE I know."

- LLoyd Strayhorn, New York, NY
Celebrity Numerologist, Author, and Media
Personality        who has appeared on the Katie Couric
Show and the  Oprah Winfrey Show several times
Urielpure Strengthening Conditioner contains Purified water, PEG 40, Castor oil, Grapeseed oil, Olive
Fruit oil, Glycerin, Natural Fragrance, dimethicone (protectant), Methylparaben (natural preservative),
Wheat Amino Acids, Hydrolized Wheat Protein, Jojoba, Aloe, Shea butter, Chamomile extract,
Lemongrass extract, Rose water, Mint Balm, Collagen, Silk Amino Acids, Propylparaben, Biotin