About our Skin
Get healthy soft skin with our ointment
Our ointment helps with eczema, psoriasis and chafing
Effective skincare
Relief has never been so simple!
Skin Ointment is uniquely formulated to combat skin conditions
such as eczema, psoriasis and general chafing of the skin.
The natural ingredients of this uniquely formulated ointment
allows you to achieve soft, smooth skin from the very first
application without burning or irritation of the skin.
Skin Ointment contains a natural sun screen that allows you to
function naturally during the day.
This superior ointment quickly and effectively removes dead,
scabbed, and chafed skin allowing a smooth and supple result.  
Skin Ointment works in many cases on eczema and psoriasis
when other products fall short without unwanted side effects.
Naturally beautiful skin
Normally $16.99
Special Online Price: $9.95
Relieve and smooth
your skin for only
"During a bout with psoriasis on the bottom of my feet,
with initial symptoms including a batch of red blisters, I
used Uriel Pure Ointment that night.  In the morning, the
skin peeled off taking the red blisters with it leaving my
feet soft and normal.  I was so impressed that I took the
skin to my colleague Dr Pagano (the famed psoriasis
doctor) of the Pagano Organization where he agreed that
the ointment gave excellent results and found it

Dr. Elyse Curtis, Ph.D, New York, NY
Urielpure Skin Ointment contains Natural Amazon Rain Forest
Flower and Plant Extracts, Vegetable Glycerin, Yarrow Root,
Castor Oil, Willow Herb, and Mullein Extract
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