About our Shampoo
Gentle Shampoo for healthy beautiful hair.  Especially useful for black, African, and ethnic hairtypes
Beautiful long hair
Naturally healthy hair
Healthy black hair
Gentle Shampoo consists of the highest quality ingredients from around the world and contains natural
keratin, biotin, and essential silk amino acids that strengthen and smooth various hair textures.
Gentle Shampoo is extremely mild, with a low PH and highly recommended for dry, normal and oily hair
The exceptional ingredients of this shampoo are non irritating and cleans your hair without stripping.
This clean rinsing shampoo effectively nourishes and detangles your hair.
Combouts are a breeze.
Shampooing has never been this safe and luxurious!
Gentle Shampoo is recommended for daily or weekly use to maintain healthy hair.
The corrective ingredients of Gentle Shampoo is essential to the restoration of damaged hair.
Special Online Price: $8.95