Q:  How is Urielpure Strengthening Conditioner different from all of the other ethnic

A:  Urielpure Strengthening Conditioner is different and 100% effective on ethnic hair due to
the fact that the base ingredients of this conditioner consist of all of the essential nutrients that
are necessary for ethnic hair that is strong and healthy.  This conditioner succeeds in every
application of infusing into the hair shaft and hair cuticle everything that is needed for ethnic hair
to be healthy.

Q:  Is Urielpure Strengthening Conditioner meant only for damaged hair?

A:  Strengthening Conditioner is effective and necessary in the maintenance of hair that is
healthy and normal; however if hair is damaged this conditioner succeeds with infusing
necessary ingredients into damaged hair that will restore it to a healthy and manageable
condition.  This process takes place within a short amount of time with consistent and regular

Q:  How often should I use Strengthening Conditioner?

A:  Recommended use for normal hair is once a week and mild to severe damage is 2-3 times
a week.

Q:  Can children use this conditioner?

A:  Yes, all of the ingredients used in our products are safe for both children and teenagers.

Q:  Are there any side effects associated with any of the Urielpure products?

A:  No, all of the ingredients used in our products are natural and/or organic and do not
produce any side effects.