About our Haircare for Locks, Braids &
The name speaks for itself!
Best Dreds consists of prime ingredients that are extremely nourishing for dreds, braids and
Best Dreds gives you a natural sheen without harmful and unnatural ingredients.  Although
beeswax based products can help hold dreads and twists, they promote itching in the scalp and
The natural ingredients found in Best Dreds instantly stops itching of the scalp on contact while
providing essential moisture and stimulation that promotes hair growth and a healthy scalp.
Most other products contain a petrolatum base that will clog the pores of the scalp resulting in
stunted growth of the hair.
Best Dreds succeeds in keeping your hair soft and manageable while providing essential
nutrients to your hair and scalp.
Enjoy the Best Dreds
of Your Life for Only
Special Online Price: $8.95
It Devours the Itch!!!
Stops the itch on contact while
nourishing your hair and scalp!
Urielpure Best Dreds Contains Clear Lanolin,
Shea Butter, First Pressed Extra Virgin Olive
Oil Extract, Castor Oil, Jojoba Root, Carrot
Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Coconut Extract,
Nettle Extract, and Natural Rain Forest Plant
and Leaf Extracts